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Why Choose Us?

Clean Environment

Cleanliness is Happiness Cleanliness, Hygiene, and sanitation are the most important aspects in the restaurang for us

Perfect Taste 

Professional chefs know how to make food taste better!

The secret is to use fresh ingredients and know how to get the best taste

Special Offers

Remember to ask the staff

 about our exciting

 weekly offers

A Long History...

We started our first restaurant in the heart of Stockholm in 2001.

The trust from our guests as well as the hi​gh quality of our fresh food and service led to the inauguration of two more Restaurants within 3 years.

Now we want our dear guests to take part in our 20 years of experience in a new sunny country in the beautiful part of Spain so-called Cabo Roig

Our Great Staff



Communications manager




Main chef


sauce chef



Board member

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