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Salted Soya Beans                     4 €

Satay Chicken                           5 €

Crispy Shrimps                          8 €

Tuna Tataki                               8 €

Spring Rolles Vegetarian            4 €

Seafood Net Rolles                    5 €

Kids M​enu


Chicken Nuggets                          8 €


Burger                                         8 €

Soft Drinks and Ice cream included​



Tuna Salad                            14.50 €


Lightly grilled tuna, Salad, Mango, Melon, Avocado




Chicken Salad                       12 €


Chicken fillet, Salad, Mango, Melon, Walnut, radishes


Thai Beef Salad                     13.90 €


Beef fillet, Fish Sauce, Lime, Coriander

Destination Moon                    14.90 €

Glass noodles served cold with sour sauce prawns tomato cucumber and mynt





Main course


Pad Thai                                   12.50 €

Checken fillet, noodles, peanut, egg, lime, tamarind sauce


Pepper Shadow                      13.90 €

Beef tenderloin, fresh vegetables, black pepper sauce, oyster sauce


Chili Flame                            12.50 €

Chicken fillet, chiligarlic sauce, fresh vegetables, leek, lemon grass and noodles


Made by Bangkok                 12.50 €

Chicken fillet, coconut milk, green curry, garlic , lemon grass, mushroom and lemon leaves


Chicken Evil                          12.50 €    

Chicken Fillet, Coconut Milk, Red Curry, Basil, Fresh Vegetables


Hell Beef                              13.90 €  

Beef tenderloin, Garlic, Red Curry, Fresh Vegetables


Sweet Honey                         12.50 €

Chicken Fillet, Pineapple, Garlic Ginger, Cashews, Fresh Vegetables


Hot Onion                            13.90 €

Sirloin, Red Onion, Garlic, Oyster Sauce, Leek, Lime,Fresh Vegetables


One Way Ticket                     12.50 €

Chicken Fillet, Coconut Milk, Garlic, creamy peanut sauce served as a stew


Sea Devil                                  15 €

Prawn, Fish Sauce, Coconut Milk, Basil, Garlic, Chili and Noodles 


Crispy Salmon                       14.50 €

Kimchi Breaded, Salmon, Jasmine rice, coriander


Crying Tiger                          13.90 €

Beef Tenderloin, Chili, Fish Sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce

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